Variyas focuses on developing innovative tools, applications and accelerators in Asset management, Testing and Project Management which enables our clients to get quality deliverables with optimized cost, faster to market and ease of IT development and management

  • Improve quality and time to market– increase test coverage and reduce cycle times
  • Re-direct SMEs to value add activities
  • Define shift left and early stages of automation.
  • Enable tool integration across the delivery lifecycle
  • Support ‘Shift Left’ – early and more frequent defect detection
  • Standardize toolset across all technology stacks for high reusability

Service Virtualization solution enables Development, QA and release management to

  • Speed up application release cycles
  • Enable operational agility
  • Reduce cost of application deployments
  • Reduce environment cost for different testing (E.g. Host env cost for running performance tests)
  • Enable parallel development without dependency constraints, hence faster life cycle
  • Reduce costs related to environment dependencies
  • Reduce 3rd party access fees
  • Enable applications to maintain its own Dev life cycles (in a complex nested systems)

Test data Strategy and approach to create and manage test environments to meet the needs of various stakeholders and business requirements for

  • Improved quality, time, cost and security of data
  • Implementation of TDM solutions to deliver comprehensive test data management capabilities
  • Create realistic test data to reflect E2Ebusiness process
  • Define automated data refreshes and speedy delivery of test data
  • Develop, test, tune and implement TDM jobs
  • Tested data loads across unit, systems, performance and acceptance test environments
  • Protect confidential data used in test, training & development
  • Create Governance model and Self-service platform

Enterprise Data Quality Manager (EDQM) is a enterprise data test management and automation tool designed to meet the testing needs of validating Enterprise data and reports for Asset Management clients

  • Tool enables to Manage Environments, Test Plans, Cases, Execution Results
  • Test Automation without coding, maintenance, cost and expertise
  • Develop custom queries, Compare Data & reports between different data bases
  • Issue Triage & Analysis
  • Test Results and Reports
  • Audit Compliance

Asset Management Test Repository consists of Asset Management business cases to validate asset management business processes, investment managements applications ( Front, Middle and Back Office) configurations and interfaces related to Trading, Corporate Actions, Reference Data, Valuations, Cash Management and Reporting.

  • Test Repository enables clients to leverage business cases to do Business Acceptance testing
  • Build detailed test cases for SIT testing, Configuration and Interface testing
  • Exception Handling testing
  • Reduce cost and time in Test Designing
  • Robust reporting solution for a standardized, consistent live QA reporting to provide detailed reporting for Delivery teams, Senior Management, QA Teams
  • High level overview of an entire releases or domains of testing
  • Simplified, standardized and automated test reporting
  • Monitor data for quality, SLA and process adherence
  • Test Planning – Capture and report information on test planning and readiness, including progress of test data pre-requisites
  • Email Reports – Configure any Dashboard reports with filtering options available and distribute over email to all levels of stakeholder
  • Connect and Enhance – Connect with different systems and bring data together to enhance and understand the progress and management of testing
  • Exception Monitoring – Create rules to monitor test activities across, multiple systems for process or SLA adherence, issues and generate alerts.